Key Research Initiatives

Four Points Innovation Request for Applications – Rare Genetic Diseases

Four Points Innovation is a strategic partnership between Deerfield Management and Duke University, focused on supporting and accelerating the translation of research into new therapies to treat and cure society’s most formidable healthcare challenges.

Four Points Innovation is currently requesting proposals to develop innovative therapeutic strategies to rare genetic diseases.

All rare diseases with a known genetic cause that can be diagnosed with the aid of clinical sequencing are eligible. Preference is given to diseases with existing patient communities and clear clinical measures.

Each therapeutic discovery project supported by this funding opportunity must focus on a clear therapeutic hypothesis enabled by genetic and biological understanding of disease pathophysiology with cellular and in vivo models available. Existing therapeutic candidates are not required.

Therapeutics of interest include small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, and gene therapies.

Interested faculty should email Bryan Baines ( for next steps and to understand the formal submission process.